Birds are earths’ canary in the coalmine. Their catastrophic decline is the opening call of our swan song ~ ecosystems are breaking down. Birds, bees and other pollinators are the cornerstone of our food system. If they disappear, then you and I and the rest of mankind will follow close behind.

Since it is we who are responsible for putting our entire planet at risk, it is we who will save them by learning more and taking some very simple actions.

Celebrate Birds to Save Them

Join the global bird lover community and track birds in your own backyard. Go to and download the free App. Their ever-expanding database of over 1 billion bird observations will help you find bird hotspots, log your own sightings and advance conservation.

Celebrate October Big Day – October 9, 2021, with eBird. Be a part of the global team working to save our feathered friends. Report birds you see and hear and help set a new record for birding during this 24-hour event.

See the highlights of World Migratory Bird Day that took place on May 8, 2021. Register and find out how to take part in 2022.

What’s that bird you hear? Record its song and get real-time sound ID with the free Merlin Bird ID App. Then answer three simple questions about a bird you are trying to identify, and Merlin will give you a list of possible matches from birds all over the world. 

Bird song reduces stress and increases well-being according to a new scientific study reported by top sustainability site, Treehugger.

Vanishing Birds – The Crisis

Nearly 3 Billion Birds Gone Since 1970 – The Cornell Ornithology Lab summarizes an extensive, new study that finds steep, long-term losses across virtually all groups of birds in the U.S. and Canada.

What we know about the mystery bird death crisis on the East CoastNational Geographic reports on the hundreds of songbirds that have gone blind and died in several U.S. states as experts race to find out why.

Population Of Birds In India, On A Catastrophic Decline Indian news outlet, Republic World, reports on the UN Biodiversity Conference on Migratory Species revealing that India has witnessed a sharp decline in the bird population.

New Federal Report Confirms Ongoing Crisis for North American Birds The Audubon Society explains why a new US Fish and wildlife service report should guide the conservation actions needed to bring birds back.

The Shocking Way Plastic Impacts the World’s Bird Population Sustainability-focused consumer site, One Green Planet, explains the devastating effects of this pollution.

Every Year, 25 million birds are killed illegally in Europe and Central Asia – International conservation group, BirdLife International, exposes the illegal mass slaughter of migratory birds across the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the Caucasus. 

Protect Birds at Home

From keeping your cat inside to making your windows less reflective, check out seven simple actions you can take at your home to protect birds from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Plant a Pollinator Garden. Guided by EARTHDAY.ORG you can register your commitment and learn how to transform your yard into a bird oasis.

A bird feeder is a great way to help our feathered friends flourish but it can also spread disease if not cared for correctly. Learn eight relatively easy steps you can take to prevent or minimize disease problems in your bird feeder from The National Wildlife Health Center.

Make your own all-natural, non-toxic weed killer. Lifestyle magazine, Real Simple, shows you how to kill pesky weeds using bird-safe, natural ingredients you probably already have on hand.

Give Birds a Home – Plant Trees

Become a Tree Ambassador by donating to any of One Tree Planted’s global projects or tree planting projects globally you can join.

Help The Nature Conservancy in their campaign to plant a billion trees around the world. Or, find one of their local projects near you to volunteer.

Through the UK-based, reforestation charity TreeSisters, learn tips to start your own tree planting project!

Documentaries and Series

“The Falconer” – This 2021 documentary follows Rodney Stotts, who found fulfillment in working with raptors and inner-city kids.

“I Saw a Bird” From bird art to bird music, hummingbirds to owls, bird migration to environmental justice – this Audubon Society Facebook Live show highlights funny, engaging, educational, and sometimes weird bird-related topics and discussion.

Bring Birds to School

Start a Bird Club at your school. Learn how from the Cornell University Education Lab using their extensive resources and cutting-edge Apps that will inspire you to become bird-watching citizen scientists.

Teach your young students about birds using the Audubon Society’s Audubon Adventures Curriculum that provides exciting, science-based activities and tools.

Welcome birds to your campus. Use the Irish-based Biodiversity in Schools guide to help your class build bird feeders, bird houses or bird baths and help these winged wonders thrive.

The Arbor Society’s educational tree program helps schools create a Tree Campus K-12 in US schools.


“Birdnote” Escape from the grind and immerse yourself every day with two-minute stories about birds, the environment, and learn how to help birds thrive.

“Threatened” A podcast about answering the call to protect the birds and places we love.

“Bring Birds Back” Explore the joy of birds and the ways that humans can help them through simple, everyday actions.

Children’s Books

“Counting Birds: The Idea That Helped Save Our Feathered Friends” For ages 3-7, this award-winning book teaches everyday kids how they can help protect bird species, near and far through the real-life story behind the first annual bird count. 

“Bird Watch” This delicately illustrated book asks kids from 4-8 to find hidden birds, count them and introduces them to the magic of birdwatching.

“Ruby’s Birds” When Ruby realizes there are amazing birds right in her neighborhood, her imagination takes flight. For ages 3-7, this book offers information about where to find birds in real life and how to connect with Celebrate Urban Birds, a citizen-science project at the Cornell Lab.


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What would life be like without the sound of a sweet birds’ song lifting you up? Or their bright splashes of color darting here and there. Or their playful swooping and soaring reminding you, all is well above and below. We know how to turn the numbers around.

Let’s create a more pollinator-friendly food system for us all and rid our earth of neonics and other pesticides once and for all. Bring our birdies back.

Transform your passion into action.

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