Our Mission

Revolution Love is a nonprofit resource hub designed to awaken, educate and empower individual and collective action to create a thriving future in harmony with all life.

The digital revolution is soaring. Revolution Love, seeks to match its impact by helping you balance your new technologies with your love for humanity.
Created to empower you to make a difference on everything from poverty and hunger to the climate crisis; human inequalities, to species extinction and regenerative living, clean energy, education for all, economic growth ~ you name it, it’s all connected.

Revolution Love will link you with the millions of people and organizations worldwide who are creating positive change yet need your help; your ideas; your vision; your passion. Look around you. Don’t underestimate your power to bring justice into an unjust world.To make the impossible, possible. Big or small. You can have an impact.

Sourced from the visionary UN Sustainable Development Goals, Revolution Love
encourages you to open your heart, grow your curiosity and turn your passion into action.We have the solutions. Through education, simple yet groundbreaking science, innovative messages and inspiring media, making a difference with love will never feel overwhelming.

Live up to your human potential. Become an activist, a scientist, a philanthropist. an artist, a student, a teacher, a voice. Find your purpose and find your tribe, activate your passionand build the momentum. You can do it; we can do it ~ together.
We are the generation our future generations have been waiting for. Our time to act is now.

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