Torrential storms, devastating floods, extreme high temperatures and raging forest fires — we are simply not prepared for the worst climate change has to offer. We’ve already seen the potential impact of climate change, and the impact only worsens as we continue business as usual. Thankfully, with some changes, it’s easier to solve the climate crisis than one may imagine. We have compiled the following information to help you educate yourself and take immediate action in your daily life. By joining others in your community and around the world, you can change the tide of climate change. The time to act is now!

The Basics of Climate Change

7 Questions About the Climate Crisis You Might Be Embarrassed to Ask. The Climate Reality Project has the answers. Take their short quiz to test what you know.

What is Climate Change? A Really Simple Guide. This BBC News report illustrates how human activity has driven up temperatures and changed the climate putting all life on Earth in danger.

 Why Does Climate Action Matter? In one page, the United Nations explains the urgent action needed to tackle climate change. 

The average American emits 16 tons of CO2 – the same as charging nearly 20 million smartphones. Use the United Nations Carbon Footprint Calculator to see your impact.

NASA scientists explain the basic science with fun interactive activities with their website.

Watch Climate Change101 with educator and engineer, Bill Nye the Science Guy. In the lab, Nye makes the concepts easy to understand for all ages.

Ways to Solve the Climate Crisis in Your Everyday Life

Ten Simple Climate Actions you can take from ActNow, the United Nations campaign for individual action on climate change and sustainability. 

Do more and make a bigger impact with AWorld – a free mobile app to guide and inspire you in taking tangible, everyday actions to save the planet. 

Six easy things to fight climate change in your everyday life. Download your action plan to fight climate change from ACCIONA  — a global company developing sustainable business models.

Ways to be Part of Climate Action in Your Community and Globally

Fight for climate solutions and spread the truth about the climate crisis. Join your local chapter of The Climate Reality Project, which has trained 31,000 climate action leaders in 170 countries.  

From starting a conversation with your neighbor to a new recycling program, check out the resources at Climate Generationfounded by polar explorer, Will Steger.

Join Other Young People Fighting to Solve the Climate Crisis

Greta Thunberg sparked an awakening, uniting students and activists around the globe to protest and demand leaders take real action on global warming. 

Be part of the FridaysForFuture movement. Join a protest and learn how to create your own climate strike in your community or school.

The Sunrise Movement has engaged  oung climate activists across the US to hold elected leaders accountable. Join a welcome call or contact one of their 400 Sunrise hubs

See Sunrise Movement’s recent 600 mile, Generation on Fire March to push the US Congress and President Biden to fund the Civilian Climate Corps.

Be heard on Youth Voices, Unfiltered through The Reach Not Preach platform created by the United Nations Youth In Action.

Good News on Climate Crisis Action

E-Commerce tech company Stripe has committed $8M to six new carbon removal companies. One is CarbonBuilt, a company that makes new concrete building material from trapped CO2.

Farmers fight climate change by repairing California’s grasslands. Alta Magazine highlights their groundbreaking work to fight global warming in What’s Good for Grass Is Good for the Earth.

EU lawmakers approve deal on climate neutrality by 2050, and ABC News explains what this means for the rest of the world to reduce carbon emissions.

8 Billion Trees shows Why trees are our #1 solution to stopping the climate crisis.

Check the United Nations Climate Action Fast Facts page for regular updates and findings on climate and its links to the economy, social issues, nature and more.


An Almost Zero Waste Life: Learning How to Embrace Less to Live More” by Megean Weldon gently guides you on an attainable, inspirational, and mindful journey to a sustainable life.

“The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming” by David Wallace-Wells provides a comprehensive and chilling view of our climate emergency.

“Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming” by bestselling author and environmental activist, Paul Hawken

Continue your climate solutions journey and sign-up to Project Drawdown for videos on the latest science and insights from experts.

Books for Kids

“The Lonely Polar Bear” by Khoa Le offers a subtle way to introduce young kids to climate change issues and is beautifully illustrated set in a fragile arctic environment.

“Our World Out of Balance: Understanding Climate Change and What We Can Do” by Andrea Minoglio introduces children to climate change with clear facts and positive solutions.


2040 is a visual letter to Award-winning director Damon Gameau’s 4-yr-old daughter which explores a scenario of the year 2040 if we simply embraced climate solutions.

Based on the film,“2040: A Handbook for the Regeneration” is a practical manual that provides you and your family with the tools and inspiration to live a more sustainable life.

Sir David Attenborough’s stunning 2019 Netflix eight-part series, “Our Planet” shows how Earth’s habitats are being destroyed by rising temperatures and sea levels.

The award-winning, 2016 documentary “Before the Flood” follows Leonardo DiCaprio as he travels around the globe to witness first-hand the devastating effects of climate change.

Nobel Laureate and former US Vice President Al Gore‘s 2017 “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power” follow-up his 2006An Inconvenient Truth.”

“Rebuilding Paradise” is a 2020 American documentary film which follows the tragedy and reconstruction of Paradise, CA following deadly wildfires.


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